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Just over two weeks of shopping days until Christmas and we've got the perfect gift for that special someone who is Scottish at heart: tickets to the NWT Pipe Band's 2023 Robert Burns Dinner & Dance at the Elks Hall on Saturday, January 28, 2023. Tickets are $100 apiece and include a traditional Burns dinner with roast beef and haggis, performances by the NWT Pipe Band and a DJ dance afterwards. Contact NWT Pipe Band for info on how to get your tickets!


Drummer Jennifer Zhu and piper Ryan Gordon are the 2021 recipients of the Scotty Trotter Memorial Award for Musical Achievement. The award was donated by Graham "Scotty" Trotter in 1994 and every year since the band has presented the award to recognize the band member(s) who has made the most improvement as a musician during the previous year.  The recipient is chosen by the other band members in a secret vote. The winner is usually announced at the annual Burns Night supper but physical presentation of the 2021 awards will have to wait until we're allowed to gather again.



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Piping in the Haggis 2016

There will be no Burns Night organized and run by the Northwest Territorial Pipe Band in January 2022.  This is due to COVID-19 restrictions and the sudden upswing in cases generated by the Omicron variant of the virus. 

We hope to have a Burns Night in January 2023, when there has been a return to normalcy.  Consider running your own Burns Night...Burns Night.