Floyd Adlem, left, presents the Pipe Major Floyd Award for Outstanding Service to the NWT Pipe Band to current NWTPB Pipe Major Brad Heath at the band's end-of-year BBQ in 2007.

Pipe Major Floyd Adlem Award

The Pipe Major Floyd Adlem Award recognizes outstanding service to the Northwest Territorial Pipe Band.

The NWT Pipe Band created the award to commemorate Floyd Adlem’s 30th year as a member of the NWTPB.   The trophy was presented to Floyd at the NWTPB’s Robert Burns Dinner and Dance in January 2006.

During his nearly four decades with our band, Floyd has been both a drummer and a piper, served as Pipe Major for 10+ years, organized our annual Robert Burns Dinner and Dance, taught numerous would-be pipers and, of course, performed on hundreds (if not thousands) of occasions with the NWT Pipe Band.

Recipients of the Pipe Major Floyd Adlem Award to date are:

Lorie Crawford, 2012. A former Grade One piper, Lorie joined the NWTPB in 1988. During her nearly three decades with the NWT Pipe Band, Lorie has served as Pipe Major and Pipe Sergeant and has taught many of the pipers in our band, both past and present. Lorie currently serves as one of the band’s two Pipe Sergeants. Lorie also provides our band with the strength of a professional piper – and has gotten us out of more than one sticky situation during the literally hundreds of public performances she’s made with the NWT Pipe Band!

Don Finnamore, 2011.  Don learned to play the pipes with the Canadian Forces Europe Pipes & Drums in Germany and was the last band officer for them before they were closed down and Canadian Forces Europe was shut down.  Don joined the NWT Pipe Band in 1993 and served five seasons as the Band's Quartermaster.  Don received both the PM Adlem Award and the NWT Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award in 2011.  Don also received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

Jeff Phillips, 2010. Jeff first joined the NWTPB in 1995 and drummed with the band until he was posted “south” with the Canadian Armed Forces in 1999.  Jeff and his wife, Boerny (also a drummer with the NWTPB), returned North to Yellowknife and the NWTPB in 2002.  Jeff has served as the band’s Drum Major/Lead Drummer since 2005.

Jennifer Wahlroth, 2008. Jennifer started piping lessons with the NWT Pipe Band in 1992 and began performing with the NWTPB in 1994.  A certified accountant by profession, Jennifer has served as the NWTPB’s secretary/treasurer since 1998.

Brad Heath, 2007. Brad started piping lessons with the NWT Pipe Band in 1994 and began performing with the NWTPB in 1996.  He served on the band’s executive as Public Relations Officer for seven years and as Pipe Major/NWTPB President since September 2006 when Floyd announced he was stepping down as Pipe Major but would continue to pipe with the band.

Floyd Adlem, 2006.  Floyd continues to perform with the NWTPB and serve as one of the band’s two Pipe Sergeants as of the 2015-2016 season.