The by-laws of the NWT Pipe Band permit the band to name honorary lifetime members to recognize individuals who have made a major contribution to the band. There are currently six honorary lifetime members: Brad Heath, Lorie Crawford, Jennifer Wahlroth, Floyd Adlem, Graham “Scotty” Trotter and Dave Lovell.

Brad Heath
Brad Heath was presented with an Honorary Lifetime Membership at our Burns Night on January 26, 2019 for his 26 years of service to the NWT Pipe Band.  Brad served 14 seasons as Pipe Major of the NWTPB from 2006-2020.  Brad started piping lessons with the NWT Pipe Band in 1993 and began performing with the NWTPB in 1996. He served on the band’s executive as Public Relations Officer for seven years before being elected Pipe Major/NWTPB President in September 2006 when Floyd Adlem announced he was stepping down as Pipe Major but would continue to pipe with the band.  He continues to serve on the band's executive as Public Relations Officer after stepping down as Pipe Major at our 2020 AGM.

Lorie Crawford
Lorie Crawford was presented with an Honorary Lifetime Membership at our Burns Night on January 27, 2018.  Lorie joined the NWTPB in the spring of 1988.  Lorie played in Grade 1 bands in Ontario while still in school, including the Erskine Pipe Band and the Toronto and District Pipe Band.   After several years in Grade 1, she was moved to the Open or professional level. She won the North American Championship at Maxville twice – and many, many other trophies over her years as a competitive piper.   During her more than 30 years (and counting) with the NWT Pipe Band, Lorie has served as Pipe Major and Pipe Sergeant and has taught many of the pipers in our band, both past and present. 

Jennifer Wahlroth
The late Jennifer Wahlroth was presented with an Honorary Lifetime Membership at our Burns Night on January 21, 2017. Jennifer started piping lessons with the NWTPB in 1992 and began performing with the band in 1994. She played valued roles as an ardent piper and key band member for over 20 years, until the fall of 2016 when she moved south and retired from the band. A certified accountant by profession, Jennifer also served as the band's treasurer for 18 years starting in 1998. Jennifer passed away on May 26, 2021.

Floyd Adlem
Although still an active member of the NWT Pipe Band, Floyd Adlem was made an honorary lifetime member at our 2006 Burns Night in recognition of his decades of service to the band. Floyd started with the band as a drummer in the 1970s but later switched to the pipes. A current member of the band’s executive (Secretary-Treasurer), Floyd served approximately 10 years as Pipe Major before aside from that roll in 2006-2007–although band members were quite prepared to elect him Pipe Major for Life.

Pipers Thea Gillis and Coady Summerfield composed the tune “Pipe Major Floyd Adlem” for Floyd’s induction as an honorary lifetime member.

Graham “Scotty” Trotter
The late Graham “Scotty” Trotter was the first ever person to be recognized by the band with an honorary lifetime membership. A former drummer with the band, Scotty played a key role in organizing what we know as the NWT Pipe Band today. Scotty retired from the band in 1996, leaving it with the Scotty Trotter Musical Achievement Award to encourage band members to continue to develop their musical skills. Graham (Scotty) Trotter passed away on Saturday, July 22, 2017 at the age of 82.

Dave Lovell
As mayor of Yellowknife, Dave Lovell was a key supporter of the NWT Pipe Band. Although he does not play himself, the band conferred lifetime membership on him in 2003 to recognize his long-time support. The former mayor received his membership at Burns Night, where he was presented with a mounted practice chanter and the score to Mayor David Lovell of Yellowknife, a tune written in his honour by the late Bruce Ashley, a former NWTPB Pipe Sergeant and Pipe Major.