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The Uniform


The uniform of the Northwest Territorial Pipe Band is typical of pipe bands.  In the past it was much more elaborate with spats, flying plaids, doublets and feathered bonnets.  Some pipe bands still dress in this manner but as the Northwest Territorial Pipe Band is a volunteer society, there is no need for this type of expense.  The band uniform order of dress is as follows:

Obtaining the Band Uniform

There are several options for obtaining the Pipe Band uniform:

Wearing the Band Uniform

The Scottish Tartan Authority has a guide to wearing modern highland dress: .  Highland outfitters also have online guides, such as: .  

Maintenance of the Band Uniform

When in the Band uniform, try to make sure that the uniform is clean, in good repair and neatly pressed.  All members should be dressed the same with minimal variation.  Although we are not military or para-military, presentation is a major part of performance - and it is assessed at piping competitions.  Looking the part is a major part of playing the part.  Many in the Band have prior military experience and can show members how to maintain their uniforms.