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Ian Rennie and Lorie Crawford Carry Out Maintenance) [Lori Clark photo]

Covid restrictions on playing wind instruments indoors were lifted in the NWT as of April 1. The Band has already started practising in person, carrying out maintenance and rebuilding our stamina.  New tunes are now being practised on the pipes, including Diu Regnare (Queen's Platinum Jubilee) for June 2, 2022 (The Queen's Platinum Jubilee).

Are you interested in learning to play the Great Highland Bagpipes? Lessons for adults begin 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 12th in Yellowknife. In addition to offering group piping lessons for adults, the NWTPB also has an experienced piper willing to teach private lessons for youth in her home.

We are one of the few bands that offer basic lessons.

For more details contact NWT Pipe Band .